What’s a Scanner?

Is this you?

  • You have creative ideas all the time, whether it’s for a book, a TV show, an art project, a website, a business, starting a movement, creating a brand, or writing a bestseller
  • You love to learn about new subjects and ideas and then quickly move on to something else
  • You have loads of seemingly unrelated interests
  • Trying to choose between all your ideas, interests and projects stresses you out
  • The thought of concentrating on one job or business for the rest of your life horrifies you
  • You start lots of projects but don’t always finish them before you get into something else

Then you are a “scanner” (a term coined by US author Barbara Sher).

Scanners Night

Scanners Night photo

Scanners Night happens every month (usually on the 2nd Wednesday) in Central London – bar August and December which we sometimes skip.

This is not some stuffy networking event. We kick off with a talk or mini workshop by an expert with an unconventional take on their topic.

What makes Scanners Night unique is what happens next – you get a chance to get advice on the spot on your particular situation. Depending on the topic, you might get an expert advising what to name your book, how to make your business more lucrative, or how to make money out of your latest idea on the Internet.

Or we run our famous idea networking or ideastorming process to help you find an idea and make it happen.

Check out our press!

We’ve been reviewed in the Daily Mail, Red magazine, and Psychologies.

Not sure you’re a Scanner?

Don’t worry about it. If the topic interests you or you’d love the chance to be in a room of 60 creative people making stuff happen, come along.

“an insightful and enjoyable night full of excellent tips and some brilliant people!!”

“great to meet so many dynamic people all doing their own thing and get some good networking in too”

“fantastic event”

“really inspiring, we got a lot out of being there”

Scanners Night is run by me, John Williams, with help from expert speakers and other generous people. See the about page for more.

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Not in London?

No problem. Get the recordings for every scanners night right here.

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