Turn your idea into income

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Have you got a good idea you’d like to make happen and perhaps even make some money out of?
Have you already launched your grand idea but not quite got the result you wanted?
Have you turned your idea into a business but want to find a way to make more money out of it?

Scanners Night this Wednesday is The Ideas Lab

It’s a virtual meeting on a teleconference line and it’s going to be a lot of fun. We’ll cover as many people’s ideas as we can in the time and for each one, I’ll give my best tips for making the idea fly and also ask everyone else for helpful contacts and advice. If you’ve never experienced a Scanner brainstorm before, you’re in for a treat.

What’s your idea?

  • Want to write a book and win a great book deal?
  • Want to be a professional blogger?
  • Want to launch a killer website?
  • Want to get yourself, your business, or your music on the radio?
  • Want to turn your expertise into highly paid consultancy?
  • Want to add some ‘passive income’ to your current business?
  • Want to start a live event but don’t know how to get people to come along?
  • Want to build a following on twitter without resorting to tacky tricks?
  • Want to know how to double the number of people who know about your business/band/artwork/invention/book?

I’ve had experience of making all these ideas happen and with the help of everyone else on the call, you will be amazed at the connections we will make.

Come to The Ideas Lab and get your idea supercharged

Or just come along and help others.
All for just £10!

Read how it works and book your seat now

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