The Creative Personality – A User’s Guide

8:45 pm Scanner Nights

John Williams

At February Scanners Night, Marianne Cantwell gave us the user’s guide to the creative personality, and in particular, that of the scanner.

Listen now and find out:

  • what particular creative personality type you are,
  • what your strengths are (so you can maximise them),
  • what your weaknesses are (so you can manage them or work around them),
  • the ways of operating that really work for us,
  • how to communicate with the non scanners in your life to gain their understanding – or enlist their help on your projects

Here’s a quick video clip of the Scanners doing the Intravert vs Extravert exercise:

Want to discover even deeper personality insights?

Marianne is offering a package to provide even deeper personality insights for your career change – understand who you are, your strengths, and where you can shine. Includes full 15FQ+ personality assessment with personal written report, MBTI assessment, and a Scanner career-change 1-on-1 coaching session.

Marianne is making a special offer to Scanners for this package if you book by the end of February 2010. Read full details of the Scanner Offer here

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