10 keys to getting yourself on TV

5:02 pm Scanner Nights

Claire RichmondGetting yourself on TV to talk about your passion & knowledge can transform your fortunes: raising your profile, selling massive numbers of your books, products, workshops or consulting hours, and giving you the chance to help and inspire a huge number of people.

At April Scanners Night, Claire Richmond shared her 10 keys to getting yourself on TV.

Claire was series producer of some of TV’s most popular shows including the BBC’s Changing RoomsReady Steady Cook, and Don’t Get Done Get Dom. She is founder of findaTVexpert.com, the online database of experts for members of the media on the hunt for new talent.

Listen to her fascinating talk below.

If you can’t see the player above, here is the link to the MP3.

If you want to give yourself the best chance of getting onto TV, check out Claire’s site findatvexpert.com.

If you decide to join findaTVexpert.com, quote “SCANNERS” to get 50% of the joining fee –  if you register before the end of April 2010.

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